Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, February 2018

As this is the first newsletter of 2018, may we wish you a belated Happy New Year. It also gives us the opportunity to congratulate those of you who have had abstracts accepted for the forthcoming ISMRM meeting in Paris. As trailed in the last newsletter we are hoping to host a satellite meeting in Paris, as we have at previous meetings. More details to follow in the coming months. This month’s newsletter (linked below) includes new papers published in January 2018 and a job opening at Columbia University/National Institutes of Health. Until next month…

ICP Newsletter - February 2018
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Best wishes,

the ICP team

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, December 2017

Season’s greetings! This issue of the newsletter (linked below) will be the last of 2017. It has been another great year in the ICP Network community with our meet up in Honolulu in April and the symposium organised by Richard Wise in Cardiff in June. I’m sure 2018 will be even better. This month’s newsletter updates the list of publications with papers published since the last issue in October. November was a busy month as usual with the ISMRM deadline. I do hope you all managed to submit something as we’ll surely have a network meet up of some sort in Paris. Until then can I also wish you a happy new year and a prosperous 2018!
ICP Newsletter - December 2017
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Best wishes,
Nicholas Blockley

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Symposium 8th-9th June 2017, CUBRIC, Cardiff

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Symposium 8th-9th June 2017

Dear All

We are pleased to announce our Imaging Cerebral Physiology meeting to take place at CUBRIC on 8-9 June 2017.

This 2-day conference will centre on brain oxygen metabolism and cerebrovascular function. It will bring together researchers and clinicians to discuss advanced MRI methods, the modelling of MR signals and tissue physiology, and the clinical, research and industrial applications of these methods. 

The meeting  will consist of invited talks from leading international researchers and presentations of the latest work in the field through proffered papers. We plan to allow ample time for discussion and debate of hot topics.

We encourage attendees to submit abstracts of their work including work in progress and work that may have been seen at other recent meetings - we aim to promote discussion above all. Some abstracts will be selected for oral presentations during the scientific sessions while others will be presented as traditional posters.  The abstract submission instructions are on the website. The deadline for submission is 12 May.

Places are limited so please, if you want to attend, do register as soon as possible. The £123 registration fee includes buffet meals and the conference dinner on the evening of 8 June.  Registration is through the website via Eventbrite.  The deadline for registration is 22 May.

For enquiries please email

Best wishes

Richard Wise

ICP Network ISMRM Meet Up Details

Meet up time and location

As previously announced, we will meet up in Hawaii at this year's ISMRM to socialise and discuss future directions for the network. We'd also like to get some feedback on the CVR consensus abstract that will be presented at the conference by members of the network. The poll to select a day was pretty much evenly split across all of the options, so we have chosen Tuesday. We will meet at 6:30 at the Waikiki Brewing Company, which is a short walk from the conference centre. This time has been chosen to enable people to be there and attend other events in the evening. This year we have planned a more informal meet up and, whilst there won't be a registration fee, it would be good to get an idea of how many people are planning to attend. So if you're planning on coming, please register here. 

Date: Tuesday 25th April
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Waikiki Brewing Company

1945 Kalakaua Avenue,
Honolulu, HI,
United States

Poster presentation of the CVR consensus abstract 

We will present our abstract titled "Clinical mapping of cerebrovascular reactivity using MRI: a framework for reaching consensus" on Tuesday morning. We'd love it if you would come along and visit us. We're planning to make it an interactive experience, so bring along your ideas about how we might reach consensus on a common CVR technique. You can get a sneak peek of the poster here.

Date:  Tuesday 25th April
Time:  09:15 - 10:15
Session: fMRI: Mechanisms & Physiology

Program number: 1666
Abstract Title: Clinical mapping of cerebrovascular reactivity using MRI: a framework for reaching consensus

Bring a friend

Finally, feel free to pass this information to your colleagues. They are welcome to register to attend the meet up and they can sign up for this mailing list too.

We look forward to seeing you in Honolulu!

Best wishes,
Nic Blockley, Molly Bright and Audrey Fan

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue 14

Sorry it's been a bit quiet on the newsletter front in the last few months. We will find a solution in the coming months to make this a more regular and sustainable source of information for the community (see below if you would like to help out). However, you shouldn't assume we've been resting on our laurels in the meantime. In fact we have been very busy.

A framework for building consensus on CVR

You may remember back in August of 2015, we announced that we would like to survey the community to pool our collective experiences on topics such as ethics applications and what types of gas challenge techniques are in use. At last years ISMRM dinner in Singapore we presented the results of this survey and discussed how to proceed. Initial thoughts included the options of writing these survey results up as a paper or sharing a standardised way of reporting participant's subjective experience of gas challenges across the community. Discussions amongst the survey respondents continued after the meeting, culminating with the realisation that this information was ideally suited for examining the consensus that already exists on how to perform cerebrovascular reactivity mapping. However, with the goal of developing techniques that can be used across multiple sites and/or vendors for the purpose of clinical trials, and eventually clinical diagnosis, it was clear that there are still substantial methodological differences to be overcome. By establishing where these differences exist, we hope to stimulate discussion within the community on how to reach consensus. A first step in this process has been the submission of abstracts to both ISMRM and BRAIN, which I am pleased to say have both been accepted. You can download a preprint copy of the ISMRM abstract here. We welcome as much feedback as possible on these ideas via email at, in person at our posters at ISMRM/BRAIN and at the ICP Network meet up in Honolulu (to be arranged, see below).

Meeting up in Honolulu

At the last two ISMRM annual meetings we have met as a group to socialise and discuss directions for the network. We're planning for this tradition to continue in Honolulu and we'd like to know which evening would work best for everyone. With the new ISMRM schedule the options are reduced to Saturday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. As mentioned above, we'd like to use this year's meet up to get feedback on how we make progress on a consensus for clinical CVR through the framework proposed in the abstract. In a change to previous years, we are considering replacing a formal meal with pre-dinner discussions over drinks (maybe nibbles if we can find a sponsor). We're hoping that with this format we can maximise the number of people who will be able to attend. We really want to know what you think about how we push CVR forward, particularly if you weren't involved in the current abstract. We're hopeful that this will be only the first abstract/paper of many from the network and we'd love to get more people involved in future work. The associated poster will be presented on Tuesday, so it might make most sense to continue the discussion into the evening on that day. So if you wouldn't mind filling out your availability here, it would be much appreciated. Also if you know of any good venues in Honolulu, please get in touch at

Helping out with the newsletter

Finally, we think the newsletter is a valuable source of information to the community, but the current structure hasn't proven to be sustainable. So we were wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to help out. I realise that some of you may have volunteered before, but if you are still interested please get in touch at

That's all for now.

Nic Blockley and Molly Bright

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue No. 13

We are excited to announce that there will be another ICP dinner during ISMRM in Singapore! For more details and information on how to register, please have a look in the newsletter:

ICP Network Newsletter - Issue 13

Inside you will also find a list of recent publications in our field and an announcement from TRI about their newest product. 

Finally, we have changed our contact email address! The ICP Network can now be reached at

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Singapore!

Best wishes,
Molly Bright

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue No. 12

Welcome to the latest issue of the ICP Newsletter. Inside are selected results from the Survey on ethics, safety, and best practice, along with the latest ICP-related publications. Please also note the message from Erin Mazerolle requesting your input on gas analyzers.

ICP Network Newsletter - Issue 12

Also, a friendly remember that ISMRM early registration closes this Monday, the 21st of March.

Best wishes,
Molly Bright

Got experience of using gas challenges? Why not fill in our survey.

It was established at the Toronto meeting that it would be useful to pool our collective experiences related to ethics applications and SOPs, and to tally the numbers of scans completed using different gas challenge techniques and any related adverse effects.

To that end, weve put together a brief survey for all members. The aim is to identify individuals at each institution who could be contacted for further, more detailed information, and also collect basic data on the types of techniques and procedures being used by everyone in our membership. Its meant to be a starting point, not an exhaustive assessment, so it shouldnt take up too much of your time!

Please visit the online survey here:

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue No. 8

Welcome to this month's issue, which can be downloaded here:
ICP Network Newsletter - Issue 8

There are several exciting announcements inside: 

  • A link to the new ICP network webpage 
  • A survey about your experience with gas challenges 
  • Two postdoctoral job postings, in the UK and USA 
  • An unusually large number of recent publications relating to MRI methods for imaging cerebral physiology.

So why don't you have a quick read of the newsletter to find out more? 

Best wishes,

Molly Bright

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue No. 7

Welcome to this month's issue of the ICP newsletter.

ICP Newsletter Issue 7

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help with future meetings and other activities since our successful dinner in Toronto; we would like to encourage anyone else who is interested in being more involved to please get in touch.

For further information regarding the advertised postdoctoral position, please download the pdf: 

Fulbright Postdoctoral Position at Concordia

Any announcements or job postings should be sent to contact us by August 13th to be included in the next edition.

Best wishes,

Molly Bright

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue No. 6

Welcome to issue 6 of the newsletter.

Inside you will find updates from the network's Annual ISMRM Dinner held earlier this month in Toronto, including information about new initiatives to share data and documentation across our membership. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the discussion, and we hope to see you all at events being planned for the coming year.

ICP Newsletter - Issue 6

Any announcements or job postings should be sent to contact us by July 13th to be included in the next edition.

Best wishes,

Molly Bright

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue No. 5

Welcome to issue 5 of the newsletter.

ICP Newsletter - Issue 5

Registration is now full for the upcoming meeting of the Imaging Cerebral Physiology Network on the 2nd of June in Toronto. Anyone who would still be interested in registering is invited to contact us to be placed on a waiting list. For anyone who has already registered but is no longer able to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so we can open up your place! 

Any announcements or job postings should be sent to contact us by June 13th to be included in the next edition.

Best wishes,

Molly Bright

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue No. 4

Welcome to issue 4 of the newsletter.

The next meeting of the Imaging Cerebral Physiology Network will take place on Tuesday, the 2nd of June, during the upcoming ISMRM meeting in Toronto. Keep an eye out for registration details to be sent out in a separate email in the next few days.

ICP Newsletter - Issue 4

Any announcements or job postings should be sent to contact us by May 13th to be included in the next edition.

Best wishes,

Molly Bright

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue No. 3

Welcome to issue 3 of the newsletter.

We are happy to announce that the next meeting of the Imaging Cerebral Physiology Network will take place during the upcoming ISMRM meeting in Toronto. Further details are provided in the newsletter, and registration information will be sent out in the coming weeks.

ICP Newsletter Issue 3

Any announcements or job postings should be sent to contact us by April 8th to be included in the next edition.

Best wishes,

Molly Bright

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter Issue, No. 2

Welcome to issue 2 of the newsletter. As mentioned last month, the title of this newsletter is only tentative pending a vote on the actual name of our group. So here is your chance to vote on the suggestions we received this month.

Vote for your choice of name

Don't forget to download the newsletter from the link below to find a list of the latest publications in our field, and note the new job posting for this month. I must also apologise for failing to properly thank Molly Bright for her hard working in compiling this newsletter.

ICP Newsletter Issue 2

Research Associate at Concordia University

That is all,

Nic Blockley

Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue No. 1

This is the first issue of the newsletter for the nascent Imaging Cerebral Physiology Network. It's so new that this might not even be it's name by next month's issue! Make sure to read the newsletter for details on how you could suggest an even better name for the group. 

ICP Newsletter Issue 1

We will also be using the mailing list to share information around the community. This month we have two job advertisements.

MSc/PhD/Postdoctoral opportunities at Concordia University

Professorial position at Concordia University

Finally, I would like to thank you for subscribing to this mailing list. The response has been tremendous and we are currently on the verge of collecting our 50th subscriber. Tell all your friends to sign up!

Sign up here

Until next month,

Nic Blockley