Imaging Cerebral Physiology Newsletter, Issue 14

Sorry it's been a bit quiet on the newsletter front in the last few months. We will find a solution in the coming months to make this a more regular and sustainable source of information for the community (see below if you would like to help out). However, you shouldn't assume we've been resting on our laurels in the meantime. In fact we have been very busy.

A framework for building consensus on CVR

You may remember back in August of 2015, we announced that we would like to survey the community to pool our collective experiences on topics such as ethics applications and what types of gas challenge techniques are in use. At last years ISMRM dinner in Singapore we presented the results of this survey and discussed how to proceed. Initial thoughts included the options of writing these survey results up as a paper or sharing a standardised way of reporting participant's subjective experience of gas challenges across the community. Discussions amongst the survey respondents continued after the meeting, culminating with the realisation that this information was ideally suited for examining the consensus that already exists on how to perform cerebrovascular reactivity mapping. However, with the goal of developing techniques that can be used across multiple sites and/or vendors for the purpose of clinical trials, and eventually clinical diagnosis, it was clear that there are still substantial methodological differences to be overcome. By establishing where these differences exist, we hope to stimulate discussion within the community on how to reach consensus. A first step in this process has been the submission of abstracts to both ISMRM and BRAIN, which I am pleased to say have both been accepted. You can download a preprint copy of the ISMRM abstract here. We welcome as much feedback as possible on these ideas via email at, in person at our posters at ISMRM/BRAIN and at the ICP Network meet up in Honolulu (to be arranged, see below).

Meeting up in Honolulu

At the last two ISMRM annual meetings we have met as a group to socialise and discuss directions for the network. We're planning for this tradition to continue in Honolulu and we'd like to know which evening would work best for everyone. With the new ISMRM schedule the options are reduced to Saturday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. As mentioned above, we'd like to use this year's meet up to get feedback on how we make progress on a consensus for clinical CVR through the framework proposed in the abstract. In a change to previous years, we are considering replacing a formal meal with pre-dinner discussions over drinks (maybe nibbles if we can find a sponsor). We're hoping that with this format we can maximise the number of people who will be able to attend. We really want to know what you think about how we push CVR forward, particularly if you weren't involved in the current abstract. We're hopeful that this will be only the first abstract/paper of many from the network and we'd love to get more people involved in future work. The associated poster will be presented on Tuesday, so it might make most sense to continue the discussion into the evening on that day. So if you wouldn't mind filling out your availability here, it would be much appreciated. Also if you know of any good venues in Honolulu, please get in touch at

Helping out with the newsletter

Finally, we think the newsletter is a valuable source of information to the community, but the current structure hasn't proven to be sustainable. So we were wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to help out. I realise that some of you may have volunteered before, but if you are still interested please get in touch at

That's all for now.

Nic Blockley and Molly Bright