Jeroen C.W Siero, PHD, Ir

Name: Jeroen C.W. Siero, PhD, Ir.

Position: Assistant Professor

Institute: University Medical Center Utrecht, Dept. Radiology, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Spinoza Center for Neuroimaging, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

Research Interests:

Cerebrovascular Reactivity using High Resolution MRI at 7T

My focus is on mapping fine-scale CVR properties using blood-oxygenation-level-dependent and arterial spin labelling MRI using blood gas manipulations. Examining fine-scale CVR can be of particular importance as it is hypothesized that disturbed capillary blood flow patterns might play a crucial role in small vessel disease and in the events preceding ischemic stroke. In addition, I am interested in how the cortical vascular organization and dynamics affects high-resolution functional BOLD fMRI and interpretation of local neurovascular coupling mechanisms.

Key words:

·        BOLD and ASL (f)MRI

·        Ultra high-field MRI, 7 tesla

·        Neurovascular coupling

·        (Modelling of) biophysics and physiology of cerebral hemodynamics     

·        Cerebrovascular reactivity

Contact Details:

Ian Driver, PhD

Institute: Cardiff University, UK

Job title: Research Associate

Research Interests: 

I am interested in developing MRI-based methods to study brain physiology, particularly focusing on the use of gas challenges. My research has involved testing the calibrated BOLD framework, studying aspects of both hypercapnia and hyperoxia based approaches. I am currently working on exploring the cerebral electrophysiological response to hypercapnia, using magnetoencephalography.

Key words:


·        Hypercapnia

·        Hyperoxia

·        Calibrated fMRI

·        MR Oximetry

·        MEG


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