Jeroen C.W Siero, PHD, Ir

Name: Jeroen C.W. Siero, PhD, Ir.

Position: Assistant Professor

Institute: University Medical Center Utrecht, Dept. Radiology, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Spinoza Center for Neuroimaging, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

Research Interests:

Cerebrovascular Reactivity using High Resolution MRI at 7T

My focus is on mapping fine-scale CVR properties using blood-oxygenation-level-dependent and arterial spin labelling MRI using blood gas manipulations. Examining fine-scale CVR can be of particular importance as it is hypothesized that disturbed capillary blood flow patterns might play a crucial role in small vessel disease and in the events preceding ischemic stroke. In addition, I am interested in how the cortical vascular organization and dynamics affects high-resolution functional BOLD fMRI and interpretation of local neurovascular coupling mechanisms.

Key words:

·        BOLD and ASL (f)MRI

·        Ultra high-field MRI, 7 tesla

·        Neurovascular coupling

·        (Modelling of) biophysics and physiology of cerebral hemodynamics     

·        Cerebrovascular reactivity

Contact Details: